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Fund Name
3030 Park Grants-in-Aid Fund
Aaron S. Avery Fund
Across the Globe Children's Foundation Fund
Advancement of Norwalk Fund
Advo - Advocacy Activities
A. George Lindquist Fund
A Gift for Bridgeport Children
Agnes W. & Ernest W. Kaulbach Fund
Albert L. Coles Memorial Fund
Allan Kitchel Jr. Memorial Fund
Alvord Award Fund
Amalia and Nicola Giuliani Fund
Amanda Martin Meloy Career Choices Scholarship Fund
Amy Louise Rich Memorial Fund
Anastasia P. and Peter S. Hardy Fund (Desi)
Anastasia P. and Peter S. Hardy Fund (Schol)
Andrew E. Lange Memorial Science Scholarship Fund
Ann Adams Mandeville Fund
Anna K. Dziuba and Eleanor K. Borcz Fund for Children
Anne S. Leonhardt Fund
Anne W. Stokes Fund
Ann & Nancy Michaud Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ann's Fund
Anthony J. and Martha F. Ruscito Fund
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Ahlbin Center
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/American Cancer Society
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/American Health Assistance Foundation
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/American Joint Jewish Distribution Committee
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/American ORT
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Anti Defamation League of B'Nai Brith
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Arthritis Association
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Heritage Institution of Ellis Island
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/HIAS
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Jerusalem Foundation
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Jewish Community Center
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Jewish Federation of Greater Bridgeport
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Kennedy Center, Inc.
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Fund/Kids in Crisis
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Humanitarian Award Fund
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Youth Fund/Congregation B'Nai Israel
Arthur and Gladys Lunin Youth Fund/Jewish Community Center
Arthur C. Bass Memorial Fund/Les Treize IV
Arthur Clifford Fund
Arthur Lunin Learn A Trade Fund
Arthur R. Sekerak Memorial Fund
Aspblom-Graham Nursing Scholarship Fund
Aurora Owens Scholarship Fund for The Creative Arts
Auxiliary of Park City Hospital Endowment Fund
Back to You Fund
Baldwin Fund (FOI Seniors)
Baldwin Fund (Schol)
Baldwin Fund (Unrestricted)
Band Central Fund
Bannow-Noren Fund
Banyan Tree Fund of the Leo & Ida Davidoff Family
Barbara A. Leonhardt Fund
Barbara Benton Davis Fund
Barbara J. Stockman Memorial Fund
Barnum Festival Fund
Barquin-Bullard-Thompson ABCD Scholarship Fund
Benjamin and Frances Doto Family Fund
Berkowitz & Hanna Charitable Fund
Bernard H. Trager Memorial Fund
Bern Dibner Gift
Bertram and Sally MacMannis Scholarship Fund
Bethany Congregational Church Education Fund
Betsy and Jack Rich Legacy Fund
Bisset Family Fund
Block Family Fund
Bluefish Foundation Fund
Bluenose Fund
Bonnie and Gene Markowski Family Fund
Bordman-Beardsley Fund
Bosworth Fund
Bradford Newman Warner Fund
Brenda H. Kaplan Music Fund
Brett M. Miller Memorial Scholarship Fund
Bridgeport Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Fund
Bridgeport Energy Campership Fund
Bridgeport Energy South End Fund
Bridgeport Learn Not To Burn
Bridgeport Public Education Endowment Fund
Bridgeport Public Housing Resident Support Fund
Bridgeport Rotary Club Endowment Fund
Bridgeport Rotary Club Memorial
Bridgeport Rotary Community Service Endowment Fund
Brooklawn Country Club Caddie Scholarship Fund
Brooklawn Country Club Golf Association Fund
Bruce G. Lockhart Scholarship Fund
Buckeye Fund
Byron S. Lindley Memorial Fund
Caesar Pina Fund
Camp Hi Rock Endowment Fund
Captain Morgan First Mate Fund
Carl B. & Marian C. Adolphson Memorial Fund
Carr-Earle Fund
Cecelia K. Burdett/V.N.S. of CT, Inc. Scholarship Fund
Center for Nonprofit Excellence
Charles A. and Eleanor Naylor Dana Scholarship Fund
Charles Ettl Fund
Charles F. & Anne Meckes Niemeth Foundation Fund
Charles J. Merritt, Jr. & Virginia B. Merritt Fund
Charles M. Herbert & Barbara W. Herbert Barnum Festival Fund
Charles W. Jensen III, D.M.D. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Charlie Karp Memorial Fund
Charlotte Aquino Nursing Scholarship Fund
Charlton Trust Fund
Chiota Family Scholarship Fund
Christian I. & Hilma A. Gravesen Memorial Fund
Christopher Chute Memorial Sportsman's Award Fund
Christopher T. Miller Fund
Clarence C. Walker Fund
Clarkson Family Fund
Colin and Eileen Green Fund
Collective Impact Opportunity Fund
Colleen Doyle Britt Education Fund
Community Impact Fund
Community Impact Fund
Community Response Fund
Como & Nicholson Fund
Conditional Grant Fund
Council of Churches Community Endowment Fund
Craver Family Fund
Daffodil Fund
Daniel E. Offutt, III Charitable Designated Fund - Weston
Daniel E. Offutt, III Charitable Designated Fund - Westport
Dan Levinson Fund
David Christy Memorial Scholarship Fund
David E. & Leah D. Robinson Fund
David H. & Theresa L. Bresky Fund
Deanne H. and Herbert S. Winokur, Jr. Fund
DeBlasio/Christopher Scholarship Fund
Delany Family Fund
Delbert L. Auray, Sr. Fund
Diageo Community Fund
Diane Caggiano Memorial Scholarship Fund
Domestic Violence Crisis Center Endowment Fund
Domus Fund
Donald J. Donahue Family Advisory Fund
Dorothy and Frank L. Savage Family Fund
Dorothy Weitzner Kornblut Scholarship Fund
Douglas and Olivia Floren Fund
Dr. Charles E. Reed Fund
Dr. Ellen Hosiosky Fund
Dr. Frank G. and Edith B. Elliott Scholarship Fund
Dr. & Mrs.William Hennigar Scholarship Fund
Dr. Robert B. Cooper Fund
Dworken Family Fund
Earle G. & Betty M. Anderson Fund
E. Cortright & Nancy Phillips Scholarship Fund
Edmund C. Spencer Fund
Edward A. Dworken Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Edward and Myrna Harrison Fund
Edward C. Hawley Scholarship Fund
Edward E. Harrison Endowment Fund
Edward F. Bodine Fund
Edward J. Crotty Scholarship Fund
Edward J. Morgan Fund
Edward Mck Holly Fund
Edward Pickerstein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edward R. Bernstein Memorial Scholarship Fund
Edward R. Kasparek Memorial Fund
Edward S. Moore Family Fund
Edward Vernon and Grace M. Nunes Fund
Eleanor Harrison Smith and Donald Ralph Smith Charitable Fund
Elizabeth Bigelow Ballard Fund
Elizabeth Bissell Northcross Fund
Elizabeth Matthews Memorial Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth M. Pfriem Fund
Elizabeth M. Pfriem Fund
Elizabeth Wingfield Barnett Fund
Eliza Oliver Memorial Scholarship Fund
Emil & Mali Kriegler Memorial Fund
Ernest and Joan Trefz Scholarship Fund
Ernest J. Badillo Scholarship Fund
ETRA Health Fund
Eugene and Betty Jones Engineering Scholarship for Minorities
Eye Care for the Underprivileged Fund
Fairfield County Endowment Fund
Fairfield County Fund
Fairfield County Fund for Children & Youth
Fairfield County Fund for Health and Wellness
Fairfield County Fund for New Americans
Fairfield County Fund for the Environment
Fairfield County Woman - BF Goodrich Childcare Scholarship Fund
Fath Family Charitable Fund
FCCF Board Designated Grant Fund
FHS Class of '41 Fund
Financial Management Assistance Fund
Five Town Endowment Fund
Florence Batchelder Scholarship Fund of Class of CHS '31
Food Bank of Fairfield County, Inc. Fund
Forester Community Education Fund
Frank J. McKee Scholarship Fund
Frank J. Riccio, M.D. Fund
Frederick A. DeLuca Foundation Scholarship Fund
Frederick B. Silliman Memorial Fund
Frederick W. Nowlan Fund
Fred & Joan Weisman Fund
Friends of Ferguson Library Andrew Gale Fund
Fund for Academic Excellence
Fund for Arts and Culture
Fund for Health and Wellness with a focus on Mental Health
Fund for Social Justice
Fund for the Center for Global Studies
FWG Luncheon
Garavel Auto Group Fund
GBAF Community Impact Fund
GBAF Scholarship Fund
GE Capital Scholarship Fund
Gellatly Family Fund
Geller-Conarck Memorial Fund
George and Mary Dunbar Family Fund
George T. Hewlett Fund
Gil & Anne Rose Family Fund
Gilbert C. & Rosemary F. Mott Fund
Ginny Yurch Memorial Fund
Girl Scout Campership Endowment
Giving Day Fund
Giving Forward Fund
G. Neil Ferguson Fund
Goloff-Spector Memorial Fund
Goodspeed Fund
Gota M. Norell Fund
Grabau Family Fund
Grace McDonnell Art Fund
Graham Overbrook Fund
Greater Bridgeport Bar Association Scholarship Fund
Greater Bridgeport Symphony Endowment Fund
Greater Danbury Endowment Fund
Greenwich Endowment Fund
Gregory and Sue Neumann Fund
Guinness Gives Back Fund
Harold L. Schine Fund
Hawley Memorial Trumbull Library Fund
Health Related Studies Scholarship
Heidenreich Family Fund
Heidmar Fund
Helen F. Nowlan Trust Fund
Helen Redding Scholarship Fund
Helen Varaljai Memorial Scholarship Fund
Hellogood Fund
Henry B. duPont, III Advise and Consult Fund
Henry L. and Joan L. Katz Fund
Herbert and Margaret Renert Fund
Herbert B. West Award Fund
Higher Ground Fund
High School Scholarship Foundation of Fairfield
Hilda Tooher-Corcoran Charitable Fund
Hope Fund
Hopetown Scholarship Fund
Horton Family Fund
Houck Family Charitable Gift Fund
Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport Scholarship Fund I
Housing Authority of the City of Bridgeport Scholarship Fund ll
Hugh and Eleanor Curran Memorial Fund
Immigrant Justice Fund
Immigrant Success Fund
Indiana B. Langston Fund
Irving Loeb Kornblut Award
Irwin E. and Micheline Friedman Fund
Jack and Roselyn Goloff Nowitz Musical Scholarship Fund
James and Margot Butler Family Fund
James E. Tisdale Memorial Scholarship Fund
James P. and Elinor Upton Biggs Fund
James R. and Kaye E. Barker Fund
Jane C. Bausman Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jane Gade Halliwell Fund
Jane M. and Edwin A. Bescherer Fund
Jane Norgren CLC Fund for Children
Jane Norgren CLC Fund for Children
Janice Park Social Justice Fund
Jean Gregory Richmond Fund
Jeanne C. Gerber Memorial Fund
Jeff Keith Scholarship Fund
Jessica Lee Brett Memorial Fund
Jettie Tisdale Scholarship Fund
Joanne Woodward Fund
John A. Klein Leadership Fund
John A. Leslie Fund
John and Barbara O'Connor Education Fund
John Bassett Charitable Remainder Unitrust FBO
John C. Mayer Scholarship Fund
John D. Kelly Memorial Fund
John E. and Clare M. Hampford Fund
John M. Berkowitz Fund
Johnnie Walker Keep Walking Fund
John P. and Nancy J. Bassett Fund
John P. Bassett Scholarship Fund
John T. and Violet Totilas Memorial Scholarship Fund
Joseph R. Farkas Sr., Engineering Scholarship Fund
Joshua Greenberg Memorial Fund
J. Richard Tiano Memorial Scholarship Fund
Judith L. Biggs Fund
Julia C. Palmer Fund
Julia Keefe Scholarship Fund
Julia Peyton Phillips Scholarship Fund
Julia Wasserman Animal Welfare Fund
June & Rachel Muhs Fund
Justin Scott Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund
J. Walker Hill Fund
Karen Telickey Scholarship Fund
Kay and Ed See Fund
Kay and Louis Samotus Scholarship
Keeper of the Hearth Fund
Kendall Family Fund
Kimball Cancer Fund
Kirmar Fund
Kish Charitable Trust Fund
Kleeman Family Fund
Knobloch Fund
LA DANZA Scholarship Fund
Ladysmith Fund for Women's Health
L'Ambiance Scholarship Fund
Leete P. and Marjorie S. Doty Fund
Leona Bedient Crouchley and Charles D. Crouchley, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Leo Nevas Memorial Fund estb by Newman's Own Foundation
Leroy Vaughn Scholarship Fund
Lester Johnson Memorial Fund
Les Treize III Fund
Les Treize Scholarship Fund I
Les Treize Scholarship Fund II
Lil and Julie Rosenberg Foundation Inc. Fund
Lockhart Jennings Family Fund
Longstreth-Pullman Family Fund
Lord Fund
Louis and Ruth Sternbach Fund For People with Disabilities
Louise Baum, Eastern Bag & Paper Co., Inc. Fund
Louis Joseloff Fund
Lt. Robert W.Vogel, USN Memorial Scholarship Fund
Lucy and David Ball Family Fund
Lyman/Reynolds Fund
Maccalla Family Trust Les Treize Fund
Mac Cart Fund
Maddever - Harrison Fund
Magnus Wahlstrom Leadership Award Fund
Mandel Family Fund
Marcy Sallick Scholarship Fund
Margaret F. Taylor Scholarship Fund
Margret McDonald and Lucy Blood Memorial Scholarship Fund
Marian Anderson Vocal Award Fund
Marie and John Zimmermann Fund
Marilyn Spence Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mario D'Addario Scholarship Fund
Marion Sanford Scholarship Fund
Marjorie and Mabel Fund
Marta Jo Lawrence Fund
Martha Moxley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mary's Fund
Masonic Family Fund
Massad Family Fund
Mathew Kosbob Memorial Fund
Matthew Yee Scholarship Fund
Maurice W. Anderson Memorial Scholarship Fund
May Camp & Webster Upson Walker Scholarship Fund
McCullough - Wilkinson Families Fund
McDonald-Wright Family Fund
McGrath Family Fund
Meadow Ridge Scholarship Fund
Megan Cobb & Jason Kern Fund
Meghan K. Lowney Fund
Melissa Anne Leonhardt Fund
Melissa Nickel Memorial Fund
Mellis Family Fund
Mercy Learning Center Fund
M.& F. Foundation Advise Fund
Mia S. Holthausen Fund
Michael and Ida Hoffman Family Fund
Michael Jon Greenberg Memorial Fund
Michelle Yee Memorial Scholarship Fund
Mickey Lione Jr. Scholarship at Trinity Catholic High School Fund
Mickey Lione Jr. Scholarship Fund
Mickey Lione Sr. Memorial Fund
Mike and Sally Harris Fund
Mildred (Aunt Mimi) Cohn Fund
Miriam and Elizabeth Kriegler Memorial Fund
Moran Family Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Alban J. Fee, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Murray R. Glass Fund
Nancy E. Barrelle Memorial Scholarship Fund
Nancy Flint Fund
Nancy J. Bassett Oncology Scholarship Fund
Nancy J. Pilgard Fund
Nevas Family Fund
New Fairfield Community Fund
Nicholas & Anne Nagy Fabian Scholarship Fund
N.M.K.M. Fund #2
Norgren/Mahon Family Fund
Norman King & Laura Eales Parsells Fund
Norman K. Parsells Rotary Memorial Fund
Norman Schaff, Jr. Memorial Fund
Norwalk Fund for Excellence in Public Education
Norwalk Senior Center Community Lunch Fund
Norwalk Symphony Endowment Fund
O'Connell Family Fund
Octavio & Marianela Choy Fund
Olga and Dimitri Jankowich Fund
Olga Fund
Osgood Lichty Scholarship Fund
Ostuw / Leather Family Fund
OWL Giving Fund
Pastor Shearon Dudley Memorial Scholarship Fund
Pat and Shirley Howe Fund
Pat Hart Scholarship Endowment Fund / MACH Endowment Fund
Patterson Scholarship Fund
Paul Corwel Fund
P.C.H. Medical Staff Scholarship Fund
Peg and Paul Mortell Scholarship Fund
Percy C.K. & Edna Morgan Harrison Fund
Percy, Edna, and Edward E. Harrison Fund
Perrin Fund for Youth Voice
Pet Animal Welfare Fund
Pet Animal Welfare Fund - Other Donors
Peter and Barbara McSpadden Endowed Fund
Peter & Barbara McSpadden Education Fund
Peter Fedorko Scholarship Fund
Peter Hanson Fund
Peter Hanson Memorial Award for Humanity
Peter Hanson Social Justice Scholarship Fund
Peter & Rose Levinsky Memorial Fund
Philip H. & Cecelia K. Burdett Fund
Philip R. Marsilius Fund
Phillip E. and Donna M. Lint Fund
Phillips/Lansdale Fund (Desi)
Phillips/Lansdale Fund (Desi)
Phillips/Lansdale Fund (for Community Impact)
Phyllis E. Nobile Memorial Fund
Phyllis S. Garrison Scholarship Fund
Piper Fund
Planet Fuel Charitable Fund
Pollak Family Fund
Rabbi Harry Nelson Memorial Fund
Ralph B.and Charlotte G. Sperry Fund
Ralph L. Lockhart Scholarship Fund
Ralph & Marian Washburn Sprague Fund
Ralph McIntosh, Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ramer Fund
Raymond E. Clafin Memorial Scholarship Fund
Raymond J. and Veronica O'Connor Fund
R & E Aiello Fund
Rebold Family Fund
Remington Products Inc. Fund
Richard DiSalvo Scholarship Fund
Richard E. Smith Fund for Youth and Family
Richard K. Schmidt Aquarion Science Scholarship Fund
Richard Mayer Scholarship Fund
Richard O. Dietrich Fund
Richard P. & Barbara A. Bodine Fund
Richard P. Bodine, Sr. Scholarship
Richard Silver Charitable Fund
Richter Family Scholarship Fund
Ridgefield Community Center Endowment Fund
Ridgefield Community Foundation Endowment Fund
Ridgefield Community Foundation Fund
Ridgefield Community Foundation Fund for Youth
Ridgefield Youth Leadership Fund
Robert and Sophia Mitchell Memorial Fund
Robert B. Factor Fund
Robert G. & Jean D. Lee Fund
Robert W. Brown Scholarship Fund
Robie and Scott Spector Endowed Fund
Rocio Garces Martinez Fund
Rockledge Fund
Rosamond Stephenson Shannon Fund
Rose Kornblut Gay Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ruth I. Krauss Fund Early Childhood Development
R. Ward Chapman Fund
Safe Harbor Fund
Salad King Fund
Sally Dickson Fund
Sam M. and Pauline Golden Fund (FOI Medical)
Sam M. and Pauline Golden Fund (Schol)
Samuel and Esther Rachel Sobel Fund
Sandra Rosenberg Fund
Sanford D. Katz Fund
Sarah Wheeler Frassinelli Arts Fund
Schofield - Blauvelt Scholarship Fund
Schwerdtle Family Fund
Sean Manuel Gage Memorial Fund
Senator ALJ Scanzillo Scholarship Fund
Seymour I. Hollander Fund
Sheyla M. Ramos Scholarship Fund
Shumway Family Fund
Sight Handicapped Fund
Skaarup Trust Fund
Smirnoff For America Fund
Social Venture Partners Fund
Sol and Rebeka Lieberman Fund
Sonneborn Scholarship Fund
Spanish Merchants Association Scholarship Fund
SpreadMusicNow Fund
Stamcag Fund
Stamford Endowment Fund
Stamford High School Class of 1951 Scholarship Fund
Stella Margaret McHenry Fund
Stephen F. and Ann S. Mandel Fund
Stephen J. and Madelyn M. Santa Environmental Fund
Stephen Lyman/Greenwich Workshop Wilderness Fund
Sternheim-Gardner Family Fund
St. Gabriel School Scholarship / Financial Aid Fund
Stiassni Family Fund
St. John Family Fund
Stratford Jaycees Community Fund
Suhler Family Fund
Sullivan Family Fund
Sumner Simpson Scholarship Fund
Sunny Hill Children's Center Fund
Susannah Chase Memorial Fund
Taunton Press Newtown Children and Families Fund
The Acorn Fund
The Anne Leonhardt Fund for the Needy
The Armah Family Fund
The Barbara F. St. John Fund
The Beth El Cemetery Association Endowment Fund
The Bono Family Fund
The Bridgeport Public Art Fund
The Charlie and Georgia Adams Family Fund
The Diageo Salute the Troops Fund
The Dobber Fund
The Downer Family Fund
The Elizabeth Ferguson Fund
The Eric and Sasha Vincent Family Fund
The Fairfield County COVID-19 Resiliency Fund
The Fairfield County Neafsey Family Fund
The Ferguson Fund
The Franklin Fund
The Fund for Women & Girls
The Harriett Fund
The Herbert & Nell Singer Foundation Fund
The Iris Fund
The Jan Park & Dot Herrmann Fund
The John E. Donaldson and Denis J. Perkins Fund
The Koskoff Fund
The MacGuire Family Fund
The Marion and Joseph Fullin Scholarship Fund
The Nada & William Albritton Scholarship Endowment Fund
Theodore and Mariadina Steiber Memorial Fund
Theodore B. Smart Fund
Theodore H. and Margaret S. Beard Excellence in Teaching Award
Theodor Muller Scholarship Fund
The Outreach Fund
The Santa Family Fund
The Scooter Fund
The Susan M. Ross Fund for Great Leadership
The Susan Supple and Justin Scott Brown Fund
The Zac and Amanda Zeitlin Family Fund
Thomas Berry Willson Memorial Fund
Thomas C. Clark Fund
Thomas E. Carroll Fund
Thomas J. Gardella Memorial Scholarship Fund
Timothy Fund
Tod Clonan Scholarship Fund
Tom Liu Memorial Fund
Treasure Chest Fund
Truglia Thumbelina Fund
Trumbull Community Trust Fund
Turtle Insurance Policy
Ulysses J. Dunne & Ulysses J. Dunne, Jr. Scholarship Fund
United Way Endowment Fund
United Way of Eastern Fairfield County Endowment Ettlinger Fund
Upton Family Child Care Fund
Vacheron Family Fund
Venman & Co. LLC Fund
Victor M. Ferrante, Sr. Memorial Fund
Wagging Tail Fund
Walter Breslav, Jr. Scholarship Fund
Wataru John Narita Memorial Fund
Wellborn Family Fund
Weston Lacrosse Club - Paul Scheufele Endowment Fund
Westport Sunrise Rotary Young Voices Fund
WHHS Class of 1948 Award Fund
Wiehl Fund
Wilda Morgan Hayes Fund
Willard H. Sahloff Fund
William and Philip Carlson Fund (Ffld U Arts)
William and Philip Carlson Fund (Ffld U Schol)
William and Philip Carlson Fund (FOI Arts)
William and Philip Carlson Fund (Ruth Schol)
William and Philip Carlson Fund (Unrestricted)
William E. Smith Scholarship Fund
William E. Stratford Memorial Fund, Boys' Club & Girls' Club of Bpt., Inc
William H. Moffitt, IV Cultural Arts Fund
William L. Hawkins Scholarship Fund
William & Margaret Buckens Fund
William Morris Saba Endowment Fund
William S. Simpson Fund
William S. Valentine Fund
Wilson R. Burns Scholarship Fund
Winlow and Marian Heard Family Fund
Winston J. Bish Memorial Fund
Wood Family Fund
Yankee Doodle Fund For Music
YMCA of Greater Bridgeport Fund
Zalmon S. & Ethel P. Hirsch Memorial Fund
Zarrilli Family Fund