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  Donate Community Impact Fund
Our Community Impact Fund researches the region’s most critical needs and brings together people and resources to find and implement solutions. It supports our role as a charitable hub where information, knowledge, resources, and influence come together to close the opportunity gap in Fairfield County.
  Donate Immigrant Success Fund
The Immigrant Success Fund at FCCF, a Field of Interest Fund, supports Fairfield County and Connecticut nonprofits – via the FCCF Community Impact team’s competitive grantmaking process – working to promote the economic, educational, legal, physical, emotional, and social well-being of immigrant families in Fairfield County. Specifically, the Immigrant Success Fund will: support strategic grantmaking to immigrant-serving nonprofits; focus on high-priority issues such as health care, education, and employment; support immigrants currently and formerly separated from their families; support the legal rights of immigrant families who have been unjustly detained or targeted for deportation; provide mental health care and counseling for immigrant children who have experienced devastating trauma; underwrite convenings to increase community and stakeholder knowledge about immigrant issues and solutions; advocate for policy changes that protect the rights and due process of immigrants, and ensure maximum impact of your donation by requiring that grantmaking decisions are supported by data and evidence-based best practices.
  Donate Thrive by 25
By creating pathways to meaningful careers, you are helping Fairfield County youth achieve success. Young people in Fairfield County often graduate without the skills or preparation needed to secure a living-wage entry job. By aligning youth with educational tools and workforce opportunities, our Thrive by 25 initiative aims to empower every young adult to achieve self-sufficiency by age 25 – strengthening the future of our whole community
  Donate Center for Nonprofit Excellence
The CNE builds a stronger nonprofit community by connecting hundreds of nonprofit staff, board members and volunteers with trainings, education and the tools they need to advance their missions and thrive.
  Donate The Fund for Women & Girls
The Fund for Women & Girls invests in sustainable solutions that support the safety, health, and economic security of women and girls across Fairfield County. Your contribution will support current programs and initiatives that improve the overall wellbeing of women and girls.
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